Planears Resource Management module has exciting features to cater your needs

Every organization, need a resource management system. But for the companies who are in their infancy stages and cannot afford a separate HRM systems due to less revenue. Planears comes to the rescue, as it contains a portion of HRM that can fulfill the basic needs of resource management. In addition to that, all data about the resources is stored safely at one place. Planears takes you a step ahead and provides support in automating your resource management. It helps to effectively increase the productivity of each resource and will give an instant boost to your business. So if you want to know who is your Employee of the month, it is just a game of few clicks in Planears.

User Permissions

Planears is your ultimate secured system that it gives managers the authority to decide permissions for each user at separate levels. The fact is everything is not meant for everyone and you simply cannot give every resource the authority to view / edit anything (payments as an example). So Human resource managers can restrict user’s access by enabling / disabling the permissions based on operational requirements.

To Do Lists

To do lists are always an essential part of daily operations. Todo list is mostly used to get follow-up information about the action items so that nothing is missed out by the HR managers. Planears helps to write those tasks which keep the HR managers up to date and also, you can customize these todo lists. This module also helps in keeping the track of candidates in hiring sprees.  

Sticky Notes

Planears provides a separate section for adding editable notes, so we can add short notes in that to use it later. They might be related to updates, adding new items, drafts, information reviews, etc. So this is beneficial for HR managers to write down customized notes within specified resources / candidates without any hassle of paperwork.

User Logs

Planears helps to keep a log of efforts being done on the individual tasks assigned to the resources. It provide details about the billable hours (which an individual spent to complete a task)  and non-billable hours ( which were lost during meetings or calls). It helps managers see the productivity and efficiency of each resource and plan their work schedule accordingly. Also, Planears helps the HR manager to look after the activities done by the resource. 

Role Management

Planears provide specified rage of roles to be assigned to resources so that it can be easily track-down the designations and posts of different employees assosiacted with the company. The manager can easily assign different caters to different users based on their roles and can translate their expected productive output.


Planears permits the HR manager to additional relevant data about the resource like CVs, pictures, CNICs, educational documents, etc via the attachments. This will reduce the manual effort for figuring out documents for a resource, as and when required. You can simply have a look at the attachments rather to go and review the HR booklets.

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