Introduction to Planears

Planears is the state of the art office management software which covers all your company needs including CRM, Project management, Human resources management.

Why choose Planears?

Planears can bring ease to your office life by offering you a wide range of exciting features and enables you to manage everything using one platform. It combines essential office management tools at one place for effective management of organizational matters. It includes CRM, Projects management, Human resources management at one place.


Projects, management software, agile model helps to manage business operations. Learn how to keep up with day to day project management routine.

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Resources Management

Fully integrated HR module for effective Management of hiring process. Setup user profiles and manage performance tracking of the employees.

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CRM Management

Thorough support for inquiries management, starting from inquiry, communication history, future planning and management of conversions.

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Workspace Management

Planears is a management software which combines all office management matters at one place. It transforms the on-site operations into a virtual workspace.

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More and more extra great benefits

Most affordable office workspace routine management.

Free Fall

Open for community and yet best features for effective work space management.
$0 Per month
  • Task Management Boards (5)
  • Teams Management (1)
  • Users Management (5)
  • Active Projects (5)
  • Chat Rooms Messages (10K)
  • Candidate Limit (50)
  • CRM Leads Limit (100)
  • Attachment Limit (512 MB)
  • Archived Data Access 1 MONTH
  • Key Analytics
  • Resource Board
  • Technical Support
  • Discount


Specialized and higher capacity for bigger needs.
$13* Per month
  • Task Management Boards (30)
  • Teams Management (20)
  • Users Management (50)
  • Active Projects (50)
  • Chat Rooms Messages (50K)
  • Candidate Limit (800)
  • CRM Leads Limit (1000)
  • Attachment Limit (5 GB)
  • Archived Data Access 18 MONTHS
  • Key Analytics
  • Resource Board
  • Technical Support EMAIL/CHAT
  • Discount 2 Month*


Premium features for premium subscribers.
$25* Per month
  • Task Management Boards (50)
  • Teams Management (50)
  • Users Management (100)
  • Active Projects (100)
  • Chat Rooms Messages (100K)
  • Candidate Limit (1600)
  • CRM Leads Limit (2000)
  • Attachment Limit (10 GB)
  • Archived Data Access 36 MONTHS
  • Key Analytics
  • Resource Board
  • Technical Support CALL
  • Discount 3 Month*

Get even more great services

Planeas is for all small to medium level service based organizations.

Over 20+ unique features at place

Easy and effective management for daily workspace affairs

Built-In Chat Module

The built-in chat module reduces the dependency on 3rd party chat applications. This chat module provides support for both individual and group chat. The chat is also available at the individual project level.

Time Tracking and Billing

The time logging module gives a better insight into daily / weekly / monthly billable and non-billable hours. This also helps in aligning the financial outcome of projects and forecasting its impact beforehand.

organizational management software

Key Analytics

Planears comes with some very useful user analytics charts which provide insights to users and managers for planning things in a better way and keeping an eye on day to day operations.

User Permissions

The administrator can decide permissions for each user at the granular level. Permissions are the essential part of any workspace and Planears have made it really easy to restrict the information based on operational requirements.

Planears is for everyone, every industry and every size of a company.

Team Management

You can add as many teams as you need. Resources and teams can now be operated within the outlined boundaries of operational matters. Teams have their specified caters, boards, chat rooms, etc.

Productivity Management

You can define teams and their productivity caters. These caters define the hours that resources must fulfill on daily basis against the assigned set of tasks. It helps administration to predict the financial outcomes.

Time Tracking

Planears helps to keep a log of efforts being done on the individual tasks assigned to the resources. It helps managers see the productivity and efficiency of each resource and plan their work schedule accordingly.

Personal User WorkSpace

Planears also have personal workspace for resources who want to manage their tasks in their own style. It gives you the ability to keep and your personal stuff as per your wish.

Future Actions

Future actions let managers decide the next plan of action for specified operations and let the system change the status automatically depending upon the given parameters.

Sticky Notes

Planears is also aiming to create a paper-free working environment. It comes with built-in sticky notes to document important points in projects, leads, private workspace, etc.

To Do List

To do lists are always an essential part of daily operations. It helps planning the operations in a better way. It helps managers to add action items against assigned work.

Task Boards

Task boards help to formalize the department level daily operations. Managers can have as many boards as they want, as per the departments and according to subscription plan.

Role Management

Managers can define several roles based on the team structures. These roles can be linked to specified users. Different caters can also be defined in the system and can translate that into expected productive output.

Virtual WorkSpace

Planears has transformed the physical workspace into a virtual workspace. It helps planning, forecasting and managing day to day operations using one tool. It helps to manage your office on the go.

Mobile Friendly

Smartphones drive our world today hence an essential part of office needs. Planears is a mobile-friendly tool and helps managers to stay connected on mobile. They can plan their daily stuff on mobile device.

Premium Features

We can tailor the product to match your custom needs. We do understand that a lot more which can be done keeping an individual organization’s needs in view. We are flexible to do that.

Discover great feautres

If you choose to manage your workspace with Planears, you can get lifetime features at amazing prices.

Why Planears is above any other traditional management software?

Planears combines almost all the essential and effective office management tools at one place. It includes CRM, resources, projects, candidates management within one platform, hence bring ease to workspace management.

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How Planears is helping industry?

Planears aims to revolutionize the service industry by replicating the actual working environment into virtual space and giving the managers the freedom to manage everything at one place.

Who should choose Planears?

Planears is literally for anyone. Be it an agency, NGO, a design house, a software house, gym, beauty parlor or whatever the business is, Planears is for you. Planears aim to reach the smallest unit of all these and many more industries.


Our Team

Meet the brilliant minds behind this brilliant concept!!!

Creative Director
The design mind behind the aesthetics and user experience of the product.
Technical Lead
The technical guy behind building great functionality which serves the workspace management at it's best.
Marketing Lead
The marketing mind behind the creative content, developing and executing strategic marketing plans. 

Plus there are a lot more people working behind the curtains to make sure you get the best at pretty affordable rates….

What our users say

“I have always been struggling to find a platform to manage my design agency’s day to day operations within one platform. I  found many but none of them had ALL IN ONE option. Planears is definitely helping me in managing all operations at one place.”

Jan, 2018 – Salahuddin Grey Density

Our customers have more to say.

Customer feedback is so important because it provides business with insight that they can use to improve overall customer experience.

Rohail Ali

It’s an honor to become part of this initiative, I hope we grow together and serve the industry at our best.

Rohail Ali

Fatima Zafar

I strongly believe that with a little more financial assistance, this startup can bring a big change to virtual operations of service based setups.

Fatima Zafar

Dr. Adil Sheikh

We believe we are going to serve the service oriented industry with one stop solution product.

Dr. Adil Sheikh