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Planears helps project managers (PMs) and the team to work together and meet project goals in time. It helps resources in planning, budgeting, and documenting all aspects of the projects. It support PMs in successful initiation, planning, designing, execution, monitoring, controlling and launch of a project. Provides analytics which help to ensure that the projects are on track, scoped within the allocated budget and are of paramount quality. It helps you to design sprints, based on agile model, manage tasks, billing. And the work plans by moving around in different pillars. Tool enables you to perform smarter workflows through its high performance features. Planears is not just a project management tool. It’s like your virtual assistant that reduces your efforts and increases your productivity.

Task Management

Tasks in projects can be managed in different sprints that represent specific deliverables that are defined to be completed in a certain period of time. Planears cater this with the help of Task Boards that formalize the arrangement of tasks and moving them around in different pillars as per their status. It helps to keep a track of the sprints in a detailed way as per the allocated budget, timeline and the priorities.

Todo Lists

To work on a project in a synchronized way, Todo list is a must. Todo list is mostly used to get follow-up information about the action items so that nothing is missed out. Planears helps to write those tasks which keep the team members up to date and also, you can customize these todos with specified assignee, color and delivery dates. So for example, one can add a Todo like “Need to follow-up on payment”  and assign it to the manager/project lead, with a delivery date on it.

Resource Management

Planears helps you in managing team and resources working together on a project. It highlights roles of the teammates e.g. technical manager, project manager, etc. It provides with the detailed Information about the resources that about how many of them are actively working on the project and what amount of time each one of them is contributing for its development. From zero to eight hours the working time of a certain resource may vary. 

Internal Chat

We understand the importance of communication while working on a large project as everyone is assigned to some task. Planears help you collaborate with each other by centralizing all information and providing a quick access to all. Planears have provided an internal chat room feature that helps the team to collaborate faster than ever. All team members can exchange the information on the go, without using a third party tool. 

Time Tracking and Billing

Planears helps to keep track of the hours assigned to the project and details about the billable hours (which are actually spent on task completion) and non-billable hours (spent on different non productive things like meetings or calls, etc). It will help managers to keep a log of the individual’s efforts. The managers can have the insights of these hours by just having a look on a graph.

Payment Analysis

As the title indicates, this section contains information about the payments for the project. Budget planning is also an essential part for successful project management and Planears has made that easy for you. You can manage your expenses efficiently with Planears. It offers payment analysis functionality for every project to help you analyze your project financials. Managers can have insights of the payments by just having a glance over the payments graph.


Planears enables users to share additional relevant information in the form of documents, files and media assets through the attachments. You can share videos, pictures, documents, files and many more using this feature. You can save your file so you can access it from anywhere. Additionally, your important attachments are saved in attachment sections and you can share it with your team members and resources.

Future Actions

Planears have a future action section which helps managers to add next action items for a specified operation and then he has to do nothing more on that manually, because the system will automatically move that task up to the timeline, to notify other members. As an example, If a manager wants an individual to work on a task but after three days, he will add the task in this section with a date and will direct the system to put it in “In Progress” pillar by applying a future action.

Sticky Notes and Timeline

To make work more easier and paper-free, sticky notes plays a vital role as we can keep short notes in that to use it later. Planears provides a separate section for adding editable notes in projects. They might be related to updates, adding new items, drafts and information reviews etc. In Planears there is a timeline section that helps to keep track of all the discussion that happened while working on the project. It displays the date-wise details of these discussions.

User Permissions

Everything is not meant for everyone. Similarly in the projects, every team member is not authorized to view every detail. For example, payment information should be restricted to managers only. So Planears provide restricted views to the users as per the permissions they have been granted. The administrator can decide permissions for each user at the granular level. Planears have made it really easy to restrict the information based on operational requirements.
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