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There are plenty of efficient management tools available with their unique capabilities in their domains, but still there is a gap. No tool can serve you as a one-stop solution and cater all your business need. Despite of having free and premium versions for these softwares, they are very expensive, especially for SMBs. Only firms with high revenue or head count more than 100 can afford them with their high prices. A company with a workforce of 10 to 20 employees require tools to cover their basic needs only. On top of that, if you go for the integration of multiple tools, their cost will drastically go high.

Planears is one of its kind! Specially designed for SMB’s, which is equipped with the right features to cater all their day-to-day operations at amazingly low prices. The biggest plus point is, it can be customized as per the specific requirements of the company. It covers a wide range of industries including …

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Software Houses 

Management tools are essential equipment in software houses as they need to manage various activities and projects. Generally, they use a different set of tools for managing tasks, teams, resources, communication and assets. Planears helps them to handle all their needs using a single platform. It helps managers in planning, budgeting, and documenting all aspects of the projects. It supports Project managers in successful initiation, planning, designing, execution, monitoring, controlling and launch of a project. Planears also helps to design sprints, based on the agile model, manage tasks, billing and the work plans with Kanban boards. Planears is equipped with the resource management board, which helps managers to assemble their human resources well. There are a lot more features that Planears cater for software houses. SignUp to give it a test run!

Design Houses

Planears provides you with the best quality features. For a design house, you can easily manage the details of your different projects. It helps you in managing the work-flows so you don’t have to move in different tools. With Kanban boards in place, you can roll the tasks in different pillars as per the team structures. Also, you can keep a track of these tasks to ensure that everything comes to an end in time. Planears comes with built-in chat feature, so you can have quick discussions, short briefings with team members. It helps you plan, allocate and manage the budget for different projects and keeps them on track. You can adjust the workload of resources by just having a glance at the resource board and distribute the tasks / projects among them. So Planears covers all areas of a design house. SignUp to try it!



NGOs have multiple projects / campaigns to run, so it is a great hassle for the managers to manage all the paperwork and resources manually. There are some organizations which are using excel sheets and other tools to fulfill their different needs. So the effort required to navigate through different tools is almost equal to handle the paperwork manually. Here, Planears comes in. Planears is an all in one software which can handle project details, valuable resources information, payment details etc. all at one place. Planears provide you with different features like private user workspaces, task management, project management, etc. to cater all your needs. You can manage different campaigns, projects, tasks using Kanban boards. Additionally, it gives you the data sharing feature with restricted permissions so you can share files among different stake-holders and discuss them via built in chat. SignUp to explore more!

Event Management 

Event Management Organization has to plan and organize different events simultaneously. The biggest responsibility comes in when they need to manage different teams and tasks assigned to each of them. Planears helps them to handle all this stuff. It enables event managers to keep track of all of their projects. You can create separate projects for each event and manage their different tasks with Kanban boards. You can keep track of each and everything and even resources to / to be assigned on different projects. It can also allocate more than one role to your resource. Different team members can share ideas, coordinate and communicate via chat and they can share files via attachments. Additionally, you can keep quick things in notice with notes and ToDo lists. There are a lot more exciting features inside. SignUp to discover them all!


Advertising Agency

The main target of advertising agencies is to plan, allocate and manage advertising campaigns for different clients. To avoid the hassle of manual working and paperwork, Planears helps you in managing different phases of your projects. From the beginning of an idea to its implementation into production / Ads, Planears is your managing partner. You can keep track of your projects for different phases of Advertisement. It can easily allocate the roles to the project resource. In fact, you can also attach the campaigns details through attachments and communicate with one another with the chat feature. You can note down some important notes for specific projects. Planears task boards help you to formalize your department level daily operations. Hence it becomes easy to manage everything on the go. SignUp to see it in action!

Engineering Shop

Engineering shops can use Planears to manage their day to day tasks. The managers can keep an eye on the different phases of the products in the particular projects. Managers can manage a different set of tasks at different levels with the help of task boards. You can set multiple checkpoints for interim reviews of the products and deliverables. Planears helps you to keep the record of the payment information, productivity analysis of the resources and all other information related to different projects. Planears helps shop managers to stay connected with their staff so that they can easily make discussions. SignUp to see how it helps!  

Engineering shop
Construction Company

Construction Company

Planears provide a wide range of features in managing the activities for builders / construction companies. It makes you able to streamline your onsite and managerial operations using one single platform. You can discuss issues with engineering teams, managing staff and the associates to keep projects on track. Every resource can do his work more efficiently as they can have access to their project details and can receive reminders against their assigned tasks. Planears makes you able to store your resource, projects, clients, candidate and lead information at one platform. SignUp to have a look at how it operates!

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